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and general information

Instore fishing seminars coming up


Winter hours at my Seaview shop (until 25th Sept)

Thursday, Friday, Monday 9am - 5pm
Saturday/Sunday 8am - 3pm
Tuesday/Wednesday - closed

Address - Unit 11, 100 Port Rd, 04 5894326
email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Winter hours at my Rongotai shop (until 25th Sept)

Monday - Thursday 7.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday/Sunday 8am - 3pm
Friday 9am - 5pm

Address - 15 Kingsford Smith St, 04 3878150
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100% pure NZ Salmon Berley

Available from both our shops

1.5kg $7.90     4litre $14.90



There are three types of trips we commonly book. Four hour trips are inside the harbour, 6 hour trips are out onto the South Coast and 9 hour full day trips are out to deepwater, like The Trench, and include some inshore fishing.

Gurnard like this one are commonly caught on our 4hr harbour trips. We also catch kahawai, elephantfish, trevally, snapper, kingfish, bluecod and tarakihi.

Bluecod along with tarakihi are a comon catch on the 6hr south coast trips. We also catch kingfish, snapper, school hapuku, trevally, warehou, gurnard and kahawai

Fish like this hapuku (groper) are often caught on our full-day 9-hour deepwater trips, along with bluenose and bass of similar proportions.



We provide bait, expert help, tea, coffee, toast, fruit, (burgers or sossies on share cost trips) and filleting of all fish caught.



There are other days available. Phone the booking office on 045894326

or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details

Some of these dates are subject to change


Sunday 21st - 1.30pm 4hr 5 spots

Mon 22nd - available

Wed 24th - 6hr trip at 7am 11 spots

Thur 25th - 12.30pm 4hr trip, evening seminar inshore boatfishing $20pp 7.30pm seaview

Frid 26th - 7am full day trip - 13 spots available

Sun 28th - 8.00am 4hr 9 spots, 12.30pm 6hr 13spots

Mon 29th - avaiable

Tues 30th - day trip

Wed 31st - 6hr


1st/2nd - available

Sat 3rd  Full day trip 13 spots

Sun 4th - 7am 6hr 7 spots, at 1.30pm 4hr 20 spots

5 - 9th - available

Sat 10th - full day trip or 7.00am 6hr, 1.30pm 4hr

Sun 11th - at 7.00am full day 9 spots

Mond 12th full day 13 spots

13th available

Wed 14th at 7.00am full day trip11 spots

Thur 15th - surfcasting and rockfishing seminar 7.30pm $20pp seaview shop

Fri 16th - available

sat 17th - 8am 4hr 9 spots, 12.30pm 6hr or 4hr

18th - 26th available

tues 27th 8am and 12.30pm 4hr  harbour trips (school holidays)

28th - day trip

thur 29th 6hr 9am 10 spots

30th - available


1st at 4.30pm 4hr 18 spots (school holidays)

2nd - full day 13 spots

3rd - 7th available (school holidays)

thurs 6th - Deepwater boatfishing seminar $20pp seaview 7.30pm

sat 8th at 8.00am 4hr 12spots, at 12.30pm 4 or 6hr

9 - 31 avaialble


Frid 18th full day


5th - 7th 8am to 12pm booked, 12.30pm onwards free


Our 62ft Charter vessel - The Daniel

THE 62FT DANIEL is a big 100 tonne ex commercial fishing boat, set up for charter fishing running from Seaview Marina, Lower Hutt. There are 6 bunks, a full kitchen with oven and microwave, power points, a gas BBQ, shower and toilet. She is comfortable with 12-15 people on board but we are more than happy with larger groups.

I have been running her for 10 years now and she is a sturdy, comfortable vessel which cruises at 8-10 knots. She is surveyed for 18 people to the Sounds, 25 for day trips from Wellington or Picton and 50 inside Wellington harbour.

We fish up to 15 people a time in the deepwater, up to 18 inshore and up to 25 in the harbour at anchor.

We cater for individuals and groups. We can normally find extra people to make up the numbers for 'share cost trips'.

You need no prior fishing experience and just need to bring yourselves. We recommend you bring warm clothing and sturdy shoes, sunhat and sunglasses and a camera. There is plenty of space on board so you can pretty much bring whatever you want.

Your most welcome to bring your own fishing gear but we have good gear on board available for hire including electric reels for the deepwater fishing.

Our aim is to help you catch the big one and have a great day out on the water.




Seaview - Unit 11, 100 Port Rd Seaview, Lower Hutt. Ph 04 5894326

Rongotai - 15 Kingsford Smith St, Rongotai, Wellington. Ph 04 3878150

Postal - P O Box 14099 Wgtn

Pete's mobile - 0274439750



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - Pete direct

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - Seaview shop & Charter inquiries

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - Rongotai shop & W/sale bait & tackle inquiries

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   - bill payments, account inquiries etc


This is what we like to see - everyone hooked up onto big fish at the trench!




Deepwater and South - We've done a few trips over the last week. Had a good session on the hapuka on Saturday out on the south coast.There seem to be quite a few around at present. Normally the bite well into August then spawn and come back in October. While they are gone it's mega bass time at the Trench.
The cod and teris on the south coast have been a bit harder to get onto but I have just heard from my mate Al that West ledge fired good gurnard (just out on the sand), a few nice trevs and a bag of tarakihi the other day.
Warehou have been caught in Lyall bay recently (15mtrs) in between the breakwater and shark fin rock.

Harbour - West of Ward has done the business for us with Elephants, tarakihi, gurnard and bluecod. Kahawai have been feast or famine from day to day. Point Howard has been the best spot recently

West - reports of snapper and trevs from Makara to Ohau along the 15-20mtr mark. Warehou and trevs an hunters and a few nice snapper north of kapiti as well - generally out in deeper water rather than close in.

Surfcasting - Havnt heard to much. Palliser bay would be worth a visit, Whangamoana for spotty sharks, Ocean beach for an elephant, Lake ferry for kahawai

Deep west - Theres been a few puka around, Fishermans, Makara and Ohau have produced a few fish. Warehou at fishermans are a very worthwhile target. Use pink 3/o flasher rigs, softbaits and slow jigs definitely the bomb - 40 - 60gm

Harbour still fishing OK Kahawai, gurnard, Tarakihi. No reports of snapper. Boat and shore.

South coast good for Blue cod and Tarakihi. No kingi reports. Good crays for divers. A few trevs and gurnard around too

Trench. Still hard fishing. A few puka. No Bluenose. Ling. Some bass. Whales seen.

West coast. Still fishing amazingly well for snapper around Kapiti. Cod and tarakihi good. No kingi reports. Puka hard to get on to.

Not really a lot of activity this week with boats. Shore good for kahawai


We got a nice stash of hapuka yesterday out on the sth coast plus some good bluecod and tarakihi.
Things are looking good weather wise this Sunday and possibly Saturday too for our fishing comp (part two - boat section).
Its been a bit quiet of late and the waters been dirty which has made things a bit tough.

There's been plenty of kahawai around seaview, big ones too.
Ive heard of kingis getting caught in Palliser bay, big ones too but by a commercial operator not recreational.
Out west the snapper have still been around in good numbers but after the southerlies I'd expect them to go deeper and get harder to catch in the next month or two.

For surfcasting Palliser bay is still the place to go to catch fish - spotty sharks, kahawai mainly but a good chance of a moki or elephantfish.

For boaties out west, I'd try Hunters bank for trevs and warehou, hapuka at Fishermans 200mtr
or out south try Turakerei 220mtr for puka and bBring head for cod and teris - 60mtrs.
In the Harbour we've doing well in 15rmtr west of ward on teris, bluecod, gurnard, kahawai and elephants

July 15th

Trench - a few bluenose around, we got a couple on saturday. we missed out on the puka but there have been a few around of late with the odd bass as well

southcoast - good numbers of warehou turning up. large 3-6kg fish and small 500 - 750gm fish as well. Lyall bay, 5 mile reef, Sinclair head have all had reports of warehou lately. Plenty of teris off Baring head in 60mtrs with some good cod too. We got some very nice cod off west ledge yesterday and plenty of kahawai in Breaker Bay.    

west - still some good snapper, kingis and trevs around Mana and Makara. a 5kg puka got caught odd makara in 50mtrs on the weekend. Fishermans produced warehou and large bluecod on the weekend. The puka have been good out there but not every time. Hunters is worth a crack for trevs and warehou too. Tarakihi and cod widespread up and down the coast but better further south

harbour - We got a stash of elephantfish on wednesday off Ward island with some teris, kahawai and bluecod. Good chance of berleying up trevs (ward island to pencarrow) and warehou (point gordan or around wharves) at this time of the year. Still the odd winter snapper and kingi around. plenty of gurnard around the Harbour entrance, Seatoune and Pt Jenningham

Surfcasting - Plenty of kahawai still getting caught on the south coast particularly in Pallsier bay as well as spotty sharks too. Havnt heard of any moki but id say theres still a few lurking around Cape Palliser, Karori light and even Paikak or Pukerua bay in the rockier spots. Queens wharf has produced alot of warehou recently (small ones) - use plenty of berley, and strayine with small #1 hooks. Chance of a big warehou and fat tarakihi at Boom and armchair rock this time of year.



Check us out on YouTube



I post regular fishing updates and photos (often from out on the water) on my facebook page


EMAIL NEWSLETTER.  send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with 'subscribe' in the subject line to go on my monthly fishing newsletter (I'll be resurrecting this soon)

Charter Details


Most of our day trips travel to Nicolson's Trench targeting bass, bluenose and hapuku (groper)  

We look after you from start to finish and take you to the best fishing spots for the prevailing weather. Apart from the deepwater species there are good numbers of tarakihi, bluecod and gurnard around in the shallower water. Other species caught include snapper, kingfish, trevally, elephantfish, moki, trumpeter, warehou, tuna and sharks. This season we have been catching alot of big kingis. They are a very strong fighting fish and often take anglers to their physical limits. 

Day trips normally start at 7am and return around 4pm. When weather permits we fish the deep otherwise we stay closer to shore if its too windy. We let you know the day before and on the day what the conditions are likely to be so you can decide if you want to do that kind of fishing or not.

On 6hr trips we normally fish the inshore south coast or the 80-100 mark.  Half day trips start at 7am or 1pm. We can go deepwater fishing on a half day but half the trip is taken up steaming out and back.


THE MARLBOROUGH SOUNDS - An all weather boating and fishing paradise. This is our favourite trip.

We fish our way over the Cook Strait targeting hapuku (groper), bluecod, tarakihi and gurnard before dredging scallops and sometimes diving for crays (weather permitting).

Our evening meal can be a seafood banquet comprising of scallops, crayfish and fresh fish. For the non seafood eaters a big juicy steak with fresh salad and potatoes normally stokes the boiler up after a big day out on the water.

You will enjoy an evening at a remote lodge in Endeavour Inlet with good music, a crackling fire with a few drinks and yarns. Accommodation is at the lodge or on the boat. The next day we fish our way back to Wellington.

For extended trips we can venture into Pelorus Sound or up to D'Urville and Stephens Islands.


FISH FILLETING is all part of the service. We process and bag the catch so everyone gets a fare share


KIDS TRIPS - We run these most school holidays and other times by arrangement.

Fishing is generally done inside the harbour. The kids have an awesome time!

We try and fish places with plenty of action to keep the kids busy and reasonably calm so there is minimal chance of sickness.

We do special rates for school groups and can pickups from Wellington central and the Hutt.


HARBOUR TRIPS - These trips have become really popular over the last few years.

One reason is that we hardly ever have to cancel them. There is always a calm spot to fish in the harbour, plus there are usually plenty of fish around.

These are the common fish we catch - kahawai, redcod, tarakihi, bluecod, trevally, gurnard and elephantfish. Snapper, kingfish are better in the summer months and other species will turn up from time to time to keep things interesting.

You can BYO your own food and refreshments or we can provide them. The harbour is perfect for xmas, stag or hens parties, birthdays, client entertainment, social clubs and kids trips.


GIFT VOUCHERS - We sell gift vouchers which the recipient can redeem at their own convenience. These can be done over the phone, email or online, at one our our shops.

We also supply complimentary vouchers for school and charity groups wanting to fund-raise.


WE PROVIDE - Bait & berley, tea & coffee, tap water, toast, fruit, a BBQ and kitchen facility, filleting & bags.

You can bring your own tackle and lunch or we can provide it for an extra charge.


PRICES - tackle hire and meals are extra

To hire the boat exclusively - $2500/day Sounds trip, $2000 per day ex Wgtn, $1500 per 6hr trip, $1200 per 4 hour trip.

For individuals (share cost) -  $160 (day), $120pp (half day), $100 (3-4 hour), $50 (kids trips). Share cost trips are subject to appropriate weather and getting at least 10 people (15 for kids trips)


MEALS - Breakfasts (Bacon, eggs and toast) for $10pp or with tomatoes, mushrooms and hash browns for $15pp. Morning or afternoon tea for $7.50pp. BBQ lunches (steak, sossies, chops, salad and coleslaw) at $20pp. Roast lunch or dinner at $25pp.


FISHING TACKLE - We supply all your fishing gear for $40pp day, $30pp half day, $20pp 3-4hr trip and $10pp for 3hr kids trips. We have two electric reels on board for $60pp. If you loose a hired rod/reel over the side you may be liable for replacement costs. If you are bringing your own tackle we suggest the following

For inshore fishing 10 - 16oz sinkers, 2/O to 6/O re curve hooks, 50 - 80lb trace and 30 - 50lb braid.

For deepwater fishing 30oz sinkers, 10/O - 16/O circle hooks, 150 - 300lb trace, 80lb braid. For an added advantage bring flasher rigs, long & slow jigs, soft baits, tuna/kingi trolling lures, lumo tubing and squid, flashing lights and cyloom sticks.


SEAVIEW MARINA is located by going along the Petone Esplanade (eastward) heading towards Eastbourne (right around the round about). Just as you come to the sea turn right into Port Rd and take the 2nd left (GATE 2). We are the 5th boat in on E pier (last peir on the right). There is plenty of free parking available there.


Kingfish like the one above have been a regular site on 6hr and day trips this year


CONFIRMATION OF WEATHER and departure details are done by phone the previous day.

We need an after hours contact phone number of the organizer.


TRIPS are always subject to getting the appropriate weather conditions for the fishing you want to do and a minimum of 10 people for a ‘share cost’ charter.


PAYMENTS are due on the day of departure - cash, cheque, credit card, eftpos at shop, direct credit. We can supply invoices in advance or on the day.

A 35% deposit is required to confirm booking (refundable if weather bad).

For deposits our Bank Acc # is Westpac 03 0510 0786779 000 Pete Lamb Fishing Ltd.

You can phone your credit card details to 04 5894326, 04 3878150 or 0274 439750 or use the shop at Seaview or Rongotai for eftpos, cash and credit card payments.

With prepaid vouchers there is a 24hr non-cancellation period.