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25 Aniversary at Pete Lamb fishing - Rongotai

25 Aniversary at Pete Lamb fishing - Rongotai

A 10lb snapper caught at Ocean Beach surfcasting 3.3.24

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Latest fishing report

Latest fishing report


Fishing report

Kapiti Coast:

Some nice snapper been caught off the local beaches but it has been running hot and cold. Some fishers have limited out with fish up to 7/8kg caught locally. Boat fishing has been much more consistent with albacore, kingies, and snapper (to 10kg) in good numbers up and down the coast


Snapper have been pretty consistent with mixed bags of tarakihi, blue cod, gurnard, trevally, and hordes of kahawai. The shore fishing’s been good but, as always, hard-earned when it comes to snapper and kingfish. Out deep, the ‘puka fishing has been consistent of late.

Wellington Harbour:
Boat fishing has been very consistent snapper, particularly around Ward Island, Somes Island, Point Gordan, and Evans Bay. From the shore, it has been kahawai city recently with some good snapper and gurnard in Evans Bay.

South Coast:

When fishable from the shore, there have been some excellent blue moki and snapper about, with a nice 17kg king caught at Ocean Beach recently. April is a perfect month for landbased kingie fishing on the South Coast.

Out wider, the fishing has been consistent for ‘teras’ and blue cod with a few patches of snapper as well. The ‘puka have been going


West coast: 

Before these gale northerlies came in there were a number of good snapper getting caught by boaties from Makara to Kapiti and by surfcasters from Paikakariki northwards. I managed to snag a 13lb and an 18lb snapper surfcasting at Kapiti ten days ago on a Fishbite/cray bait.  

South coast: 

Trevally, gurnard, and blue moki are expected for surfcasters on the south coast over the next month. There have also been one or two snapper caught by surfcasters in Palliser Bay recently so you never know – it wouldn't surprise me if someone caught a biggie there soon. 

Inshore fishing for boaties on the south coast have been the usual mixed bag with the odd good haul of blue cod and tarakihi. The harbour is holding plenty of kahawai for surfcasters and gurnard for boaties. Squid fishing continues to be productive from the inner harbour wharves and sheltered bays.


A few good feeds of whitebait are getting caught from various places. Nobody wants to say where but I’m happy to offer good advice when purchasing whitebait gear from our shop in Rongotai! 

I would try some of the smaller rivers where there are fewer nets out.

Pete Lamb


Its big snapper time from Paikakariki northwards, particularly at Tehoro. There's heen about 4 or more fish around the 20lb mark but plenty of 4-6kf fish as well.

boat fishing has been hit and miss on the snaps but with warehoi, trevs, tarakihi and gurnard around theres alwasy a feed to be had.

some nice puka, bluenose and bass have been caught at the Trench lately with some kingis and snapper around (50-100mtrs).

pallsier bay has a few snaps starting to appear and hopefully soon some bkuemoki as well. Plentt of kahawai around

being whitebait season the kahawai have been in good numbers around river mouths.

its been a slow start to wb season but a few food catches in the wairarapa and some food feeds around waikanae and otaki


(15lb snapper caught 5/8/23 on Destiny at Mana)

It’s pretty typical at this time of year for the fishing gear to stay tucked away in the corner.

Water temps are down as low as 12 degrees, so that has a real impact on the metabolism rates of the fish, and it can take a lot of patience, a good berly trail, or just some good luck to get a decent catch in the bin.

Having said that, the puka fishing is not too bad out wide, and targeting the deeper water in general is turning up some very nice snapper, trevs, teri’s and the odd good kingy.

If you’re in the right place at the right time, the odd winter moocher snaps can be picked up.  We got a pretty nice fish around fifteen pound off Makara right on turn of the tide the other day, even though the going was mostly slow otherwise.

Surf casting is still a good option when the wind drops and the water is reasonably clear, with most of the popular species still on the cards like gurnard, trevally, spotty shark and the odd moki

Land based squid fishing is still productive in the harbour, with jigs working well under the lights or around quiet areas where there is a lot of weed and not too much current.

Hunter’s Bank and Fisherman’s Rock are turning up a few good warehou, which are an awesome winter catch, as well as some big winter teris’ and trevs.  It’s a good time of the year to be targeting the 60 – 100 metre zone, when the weather allows there’s all sorts of action that you can find lurking around the foul.

It’s not too far away from spring now, and as the days slowly get a bit longer so does the inclination to get out and give it a crack.


Fishing report
1st July

There’s been heaps of fishing happening. Surf casting wise, Palliser Bay remains the hot spot, with good catches of trevally, gurnard, snapper, and a few stray moki.

In particular, there is some really good snapper fishing still happening, with plenty of fish up to 15 pounds caught over the last week.

The water has been nice and clean, not too much swell, and that makes it ideal for land based anglers.

Ocean Beach has been firing, and when it’s not, the action has usually swung more east of Lake Ferry.

There’s no real tide action that seems to work best consistently, the one thing that does make a difference though, is fishing the clearer water. It’s great to fish through the tidal change, as you get two different tidal flows and you’re never sure exactly which one will fire up the bite on the day.

With a lot of rain often the dirty water spills out into the ocean, such as at Lake Ferry, and you’ll notice the current takes it either east or west.  Whatever side it’s going, make sure you fish in the clear side or where you can see the water colour change away from the dirtier flow.

Boaties are enjoying a lot of good snapper, puka and kingfish action, all from around the local reefs and popular hotspots around Kapiti.

Mana is proving a little harder to find decent snapper but they are still there for the patient.

There’s been a good run of blue warehou, which are a great fun fish to catch, really aggressive and pretty good to eat.

Warehou can be found around most reef areas at the moment, pretty much anywhere you can catch terakihi. The bigger the reef the better it is, the more tide the better, like Hunters, Karori Light etc.

They are really aggressive biters and you’ll get them on jigs, like slow pitch or smaller kingie jigs as well as normal baits.

You’ll get them well up off the bottom, so keep you jig moving if you get on to them.  They are a regular feature every year around this time, and can be great fun to target.

Good sized hapuka have reported back to us from anglers just off the back of Mana and off Makara, along with a few larger sized kings.

The terakihi fishing has been awesome out a bit deeper, like 80 metres off Mana

This year we seem to have had a lot more squid turn up, which is great for the fishing generally, attracting nice big predators, but also for fishermen targeting these mobile calamari units.

There’s a lot of squid fishing around the wharves under lights using squid jigs at the moment.  Winter is their season.  You can get plenty of squid during the day too, if you target weedy areas where there is little tidal flow. We’re selling heaps of squid jigs at the moment, so come on in and we’ll let you know what’s popular.

Tight lines



14.5.23 report

Theres been a run of southern bluefin tuna caught pit around the 1000 mtr mark off Cape Palliser and up the wairarapa coast. Theres been about 8 caught to 70kg in the last couple of weeks.

snapper fishing on all coasts and wgtn harbour has been pretty good for boat and shore fishos.

Surfcasters also have been doing really well on moki, gurnard and trevally particularly in palliser bay and white rock.



For a start, surfcasting-wise, this year seems to have seen a massive number of really decent sized fish landed up Tehoro Otaki way.
It’s not firing all the time of course, but when the water is nice and clear, particularly around high tide after dark, I know of half a dozen fish over the magic twenty-pound mark having been landed from the shore just in the last couple of weeks.

For consistency, the harbour seems to be better for snapper though, and the latest hot spot that really seems to have fired over the last week or so, is Seatoun wharf, and along the beach there.

More commonly known for gurnard and red cod, this stretch has lately turned up some really decent snaps.

Snapper fishing on the whole is just getting better and better as the years progress in Welly, with good fishing in the Lambton harbour, Eastbourne, and Even’s Bay.

Perhaps it’s the global warming, fisheries management, or whatever other factors that have turned the tide, but whatever is responsible it’s meant snapper are on the menu more and more each season.

This time of the year the Eastbourne side really starts to come on with good snapper, and even better kingfish action.

Sunshine Bay has been a real slide-baiting hotspot, with really good sized fish landed, and some real hogs wrecking gear and busting off a few fisho’s.

Boaties fishing at the Wreck ( Between Mahanga Bay and Somes Island )have been enjoying great catches of snapper, gurnard, trevs, terakihi and of course good kingies that like to hang around the structure.

Live baiting around this feature has resulted in some nice fish landed and a few big bust offs.

Ward Island is also fishing well too, so it’s nice to know there are so many sheltered options in the harbour when the rough stuff arrives from up north.

Off the south coast, the big Palliser Bay moki run never really wound up big time this year, but as a good consolation, the snapper fishing has been absolutely outstanding, if not the best we’ve seen in a long time.

If you know what you’re doing, or just get lucky, it’s not uncommon to see five or six snapper in a session from the shore, and naturally some great results off the boat, even though it can get a bit gnarly out there.

Tuna, mostly albacore but a few skippies too, are plentiful out wide, and you never know what else can turn up out there from broadbill to bluefin.

The west coast is super warm now, and good fishing for pretty much everything.

Albies off Mana and Kapiti, all the west coast reef structures producing snapper, teri’s etc.

Puka fishing is on and off, but you’re generally going to get a good feed of bottom fish if out deep at the turn of the tide does not produce.

Next week or so looks pretty good weather-wise, so it could pay to get in before the cyclone turns up from up north around Wednesday.

Kapiti is certainly fishing well for the usual species, and a lot of boaties are binning a feed, then heading out a little bit deeper off the north end and grabbing a few albacore.

Nothing wrong with the snapper -tuna combo, and as long as water condition continues to be clear and blue this should be a good option for a successful day trip.

Remember to keep an eye on the forecast, stay safe, good luck, tight lines.

Fishing report 8 dec

Wellington Fishing going well heading into summer.

Nice Warehou off Boom Rock area

Just in time for summer, the snapper seem to have really turned up now, with plenty of fish around Makara, and snapper galore off Mana.

The usual story with snaps, lots of pannies, a few good mid-sized specimens, and the odd thumper in the mix.

The fishing has been going well generally, with some good light winds of late making all coasts fishable, and even better when the water is clear.  This is particularly good for the moki fishing.

Shore based anglers can expect plenty of snapper, moki and a few gurnard and trevs in most popular locations.

Palliser Bay and Lake Ferry are fishing well now, so with the right moon and tide conditions anything is on.

Whangamoana, The Spit and Ocean beach have all been producing good numbers of fish.

On the west coast, dodge the seals around Red Rocks and get into some moki, particularly on the high tide.

A few snapper and gurnard are getting caught around Evans Bay with the odd kingi landed as well.

The Kapiti coast is providing some good snapper when conditions allow as well.

Raumati, Paikakariki, Tehoro and northwards have all been producing good snapper for surfcasters mainly after dark.

Kapiti continues to fish really well as we reported last week.  Snapper, kingfish, terakihi etc, it’s all on when the conditions allow you to get out there.

Mana has been great for snapper mostly, but the fishing can be a bit more inconsistent so you may have to be patient and wait out bite times as the tides move about.

We did have a 40-50lb kingi around the boat the other day and caught a couple of decent fish on recent trips.

Some nice puka are getting caught around Makara and back of Mana so it can be worth diving out a bit deeper once you’ve fished the reefs with the current running, to grab the slack tide for deep dropping.

The Trench has been producing bluenose and gemfish, including some good sized fish off the far side in around 300 metres recently.

Snapper, trevally and gurnard have been easy to catch around Ward Island, Point Gordon and Falcon Shoal.

Anglers are hoping the bluefin will turn up again out behind Kapiti, as there have been some reasonable albacore caught and sighted over the last couple of weks.

If you like warehou, we’ve caught plenty from the boat off Boom Rock, and some good sized ones to boot.

Fishing Report Wellington 18th November.

A great run of settled weather has really given Wellington Fisho’s a good opportunity to get out there and into it, with some excellent fishing off every coast.

I’ve been out quite a bit, done a few charters and enjoyed some good results across the board.

Land based and surf casting has been great with clearer water and pleasant conditions.

The moki 1000 fishing comp went well last weekend at Ngawai, with a fair number of fish caught, the largest going 4.3 kilos.

Over Palliser Bay way the moki fishing has generally been pretty good, and there’s also been plenty of snapper caught too, but the season is early and we expect this to only get better as we get closer to December.

It’s been very fishable off south and west coast, a little dirty water at times but mostly pretty good, and snapper fishing north towards Kapiti has been particularly nice, my mate landing a nice 7 kilo fish north of Te Horo.

By boat, Kapiti is the place to be fishing, with recent reports from there anglers doing really well on snapper, trevs and gurnard off all the fishable reef systems out there.  Good weather has really made this a top destination and warm water, around 18 plus degrees, has ramped up the bite.

Kapiti tends to be fishing better than Mana, which we have found a bit patchy on snapper.

Makara is producing good fish, and a spearo shot a 10-kilo fish here last week.

A few nice puka turning up out wide off the west coast, with the odd 20 kilo fish in the mix.  

I don’t get out to the Trench that often nowadays, but I was pleased to make it out with a couple of mates for some great fishing, topped off by around a 25 kilo bluenose hauled up from 280 metres in our favourite bass patch.

There’s good kingies and gemfish in a bit shallower too.

Out at Hunters the water was so clear kingfish were chasing jigs to the boat but not taking them, which can sometimes happen when the conditions are too good!

There’s been a good run of john dory, and some big ones, which are naturally a fantastic table fish and always welcome on board.

You’ll pull these fish out of any shallower areas of foul around all coastlines, best targeted with livies, and a great by-product can sometimes be a good kingfish or snapper.  If you’re keen on giving this a go HERES HOW:  

We got a swag of really decent one to two kilo teri’s off Boom, which is a really pleasant place to fish in some of the weather conditions we’ve been enjoying.

Make the most of it while you can

See you out there







I'm primarily chartering on the west coast out from Mana Marina at present

There are three types of trips we commonly book.

Four hour trips targeting snapper, kingfish, trevally, gurnard, bluecod and tarakihi in sheltered water. $150pp (share cost) or $1500 for the boat. Tackle hire is $20pp

Six hour trips which can go a bit further and generally have more consistent fishing. We can also have a shot at some deepwater fishing if you want.

cost $190pp or $1900 for the boat plus $30pp tackle hire

Eight/Nine hour trips (full day)

are a mixture of deepwater and inshore fishing.

Cost $2400 for the boat. Tackle hire is $40pp.

Share cost trips are $240pp 

We also travel to the Marlborough Sounds and Durville Island on overnight trips which start at $500pp. We can do a package deal with accomodation, meals and fishing gear if required or you can bring/organize your own.  

One on one tuition (on your boat or at my shop)knots, rigs, tackle, bait, spots, techniques - $75/hr


One on one tuition - (at the beach or at shop) - knots, rigs, tackle, bait, spots, techniques - $75/hr

4hr trip - Area - local south coast (30 min drive). Target fish - blue moki, blue cod, kahawai, tarakihi, spotty shark. Cost - $100pp, tackle hire - $20pp

6 hour - Area - extended trip to south coast (30 - 75 minute drive). Target fish - blue moki, blue cod, kahawai, tarakihi, spotty shark. Cost - $150pp, tackle hire - $30pp

10hr trip
Area - extended trip to south coast or Wairarapa (60 - 100 minute drive). Target fish - blue moki, blue cod, kahawai, tarakihi, spotty shark, snapper. Cost - $200pp, tackle hire - $40pp

Overnight Trip
We normally fish both the evening and morning turn of light, if you are keen. Area - extended trip to south coast or Wairarapa (60 - 100 minute drive). Target fish - blue moki, blue cod, kahawai, tarakihi, spotty shark, snapper. Cost - $350pp includes accommodation, tackle hire - $40pp, food $35 (dinner and breakfast)

What's included in a trip

What's included in a trip

We provide bait, expert help, tea, coffee and filleting of all fish caught.

Fishing gear and meals can be provided for an extra cost

4hr tackle hire $20pp, 6hr tackle hire $30pp, 9hr tackle hire $40pp

bbq lunch $20pp, cooked breakfast $15pp

Boat Charters coming up

I only list the dates that I already have a bit of interest for. If the date is not listed it is often available for bookings. 

Some of these dates are subject to change depending on weather and numbers of people booked

- You can confirm your charter booking with a 35% deposit.

- Once I receive the deposit I will confirm it with an email or text

- All charters are subject to appropriate weather conditions

- Share cost trips are subject to numbers of people booked and weather

27 Jun - Thursday 6hr boat trip $240pp inc tackle hire - Book! - Enquire

At the moment there are plenty of hapuku around in the deep with snapper, trevally, tarakihi and gurnard inshore and most other species mixed in for good measure. 

On a 6hr trip we can go south to Makara or north to Hunters bank and sometimes out wide for hapuku. Its generally an inshore fishing trip but we are happy to go deep if everyone on board is keen. 

Our 4hr trips are mainly around Mana island and Pukerua bay. There's good numbers of snapper, trevally, tarakihi and gurnard with the odd kingfish, jd and blue mackerel as well

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