daiwa procyon 13ft 3pce surf/rock rod

$120.00 $120.00

Daiwa Procyon 4 bent butt 15/24kg rod

5'6" 1 Piece 15/24kg Boat Rod - Daiwa Procyon-4 5'6" PE 3-5

$299.00 $269.00

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daiwa sweepfire 6ft6 2-6kg spin rod

A nice light tackle rod for softbait, light tackle, baitfishing etc. Sweepfires are well known as tough rods which should last a lifetime

$80.00 $65.00

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Daiwa VIP 870 Overhead Boat Rod

7ft 15-40lb 1pc

$240.00 $199.90

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Fishtech 37kg full rollered, bent butt game rod

okuma vsystem jig rod 24/37kg 5ft

perfect for kingis and deepwater fishing

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Penn powercrank 12ft 2pc 15-24kg graphite surfrod

Rated 15-24kg - stiff action model SP1202H CAST WEIGHT 80-250GM


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Rovex Hurricane 6-10kg 4pce 9ft spinrod

comes with a hard travel case

Shimano Catana 3-5kg 4pce 6ft6 spinrod

comes with a hard travel case

Shimano status 15-24 (or 3-5) bent butt rod

$299.00 $269.00

shimano status 24/37 pe5-8 5ft8inch bent butt

$299.00 $269.00

Tica 4pce travel boat rod 15/24kg

7ft, comes with hard travel case

$199.90 $160.00

tica 7ft travel rod - spin 15/24kg 4pce

comes with sturdy soft travel bag

$189.90 $160.00

tica bling rod 10-24kg

6ft all purpose rod with a fold away tip section



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Uglystick 3-5kg 6ft 4pce spin rod

comes with a hard plastic case

$120.00 $99.00

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